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DAY OF PHOTONICS relates to the universal value of 299,792.458 km/s for the speed of light that was approved on 21 October 1983. The speed of light is universal, concerns all photonics technologies, and is not related to a specific country. It is the most relevant anniversary to promote a technology that encompasses as broad fields as photovoltaic solar energy, laser, lighting, displays, optical communication, and all photonics technologies.

DAY OF PHOTONICS is organized voluntarily and relies on generosity of sponsors. There are 3 sponsorship levels available: 1000 EUR (Bronze) – 2000 EUR (Silver) – 3000 EUR (Gold).

Sponsor Benefits

  • Logo published on event marketing material (online & print)
  • Logo published in Electro Optics advertisement (circulation 16.000 printed copies + electronic distribution of the magazine)
  • Logo promotion on LinkedIn (exposure 1000+)
  • Logo promotion on Flickr (exposure 2000+)
  • Logo in EPIC Activity Report 2016 (exposure 2000+)