Flavia Schlegel
Promoting a Photonics Day will contribute to highlighting the importance of innovations in science and in the technology of light in respect of tackling some of the most pressing global issues. This celebration of light also will contribute substantially to the legacy of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, led by UNESCO.”
Flavia Schlegel, Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations.
John Dudley
“I am delighted to see actions taking place as a follow-up to the International Year of Light. The initiative of EPIC to continue promoting a global industry-wide DAY OF PHOTONICS is not only exciting and interesting on its own but also feeds-in perfectly to our aspirations to continue demonstrating innovation in light technology in a tangible manner, and promote public-industry engagement.”John Dudley, Chairman of the International Year of Light Steering Committee
Ronan Burgess
“Photonics is hugely important for Europe, both as a driver for economic growth and job creation as well as providing new solutions to challenges such as the ageing society and energy efficiency. The importance of Photonics in our daily lives needs greater recognition if we are to fully exploit its potential. The International Year of Light 2015 was very successful in making Photonics visible to ordinary people all around the world and the DAY OF PHOTONICS is a very worthy initiative which will build on this momentum.”
Ronan Burgess, acting Head of Unit Photonics, European Commission
“Photonics is a key enabling technology with components, sensors and systems providing a large opportunity for the European photonics market. New photonics applications have the potential to address the main current societal challenges (e.g. cleantech, medtech). The need for innovation and opening to new fields of application will be an opportunity for Swiss industries with a high potential for innovation.” Christian Bosshard, Vice-President, CSEM (Switzerland)
“De la misma manera que la electrónica ha generado una explosión tecnológica en las ultimas décadas, la fotónica tiene el potencial de hacer lo mismo a través del uso controlado de la luz. Medicina, telecomunicaciones, seguridad, procesado de alimentos, aeroespacial… Hay un enorme número de campos donde la fotónica juega un papel importante de innovación, no solo mejorando las aplicaciones actuales, sino generando usos y funcionalidades radicalmente nuevas.” Iñigo Artundo, CEO, VLC Photonics (Spain)
Jan Meise
“Photonics continues to enable disruptive advances in our daily lives and for Europe to sustain its leadership in Photonics, we require more graduates with an interdisciplinary skill set of Physics, Electronics and Mechanical knowledge to create and build those custom solutions. Photonics is more than just light, and we need the next generation to engage, be passionate, and be part of the Photonics revolution!” Jan Meise, CEO, AMS Technologies (Germany)