On this page you can find various material to support DAY OF PHOTONICS: logos, guidelines, templates, invitation letters, and all common resources to engage your stakeholders and promote your support.

Examples of the activities possible

  • Companies organize school visits and welcome students to their company
  • Companies organize an open-day and invite other companies in the neighborhood to make an introduction to their company
  • Companies organize an internal meeting with their sales/business development staff to discuss how their company is positioned in the various photonic markets
  • Companies organize family days and invite children to discover the working environment of mummy and daddy
  • Research organization and universities organize school visits
  • Student chapters reach out to schools to explain what is photonics
  • Hedonists use the excuse to just have fun and organize a staff drink reception

Most events are on a small scale organized within the company (open day, family day, workshop, webinar, etc.), but flagship events where various partners collaborate to organize a bigger event are strongly encouraged. 

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